Funk is not black or white, young or old, male or female, but human at its root. All booties shakes alike.

George Clinton

Don’t read! Listen!

But if you have to read, I’ve been passionate about music since I was a child, okay?? The sound of Van Clybourn’s piano on Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood made me love that instrument, and subsequently piano lessons. Was exposed to some interesting classical and jazz by my parents as well. If I had any place in high school, it was the music department. Music major in college. Lots of stuff contributing to whatever it is I’m able to do now musically. Nothing happens, musically or otherwise, in a vacuum.

I have been writing and recording my own material since the mid 1980s. I started with a Fostex X15 four-track cassette recorder and a Casio keyboard, eventually building up to this:

Studio in 1994?
In my studio in 1994, maybe?

I took a 20 year break, due to the (in my case) creativity-crushing responsibilities of marriage and children. But Yirmaphonics are back! In 2015, I sold all my old synths and gear — 😭 — and used the funds to build a more modern studio.

I hope you choose to listen to, and hopefully enjoy, my little contributions to the musical “multiverse.” (What IS a multiverse??) Use the cool menu system to get to each of my pieces. I mean, c’mon, it took me long enough to figure out how to get that to work properly!