More No Zafu

I have been working on a piece for some time named, by coincidence, No Zafu. The drums are taken from an Alan Evans solo from the song, Thor, on Woodstock Sessions, Vol. 1 by the Alan Evans Trio. I broke it into sections and assembled a piece around them. I may still do some minor […]

No Zafu

I was standing in the bus on my way to work and was about to take out my headphones and “plug in” when I decided to meditate instead. You don’t need a zafu, or to sit with your hands a certain way to meditate. All you need to do is to be aware.


An expression of compassion involves blessing all things. Last week, on the train, I saw a religious Jew, probably Modern Orthodox. And I thought, “Yeah man, heavy trip, following the myriads of Jewish laws.” And I felt a fellowship, having lived that way myself. And it evoked compassion in me. I “saw” the other person […]

Ein Ohd Milvadoh

The following thought occurred to me the other day: Monotheism is the realization of the Interconnection of all things. I guess by monotheism I don’t mean just the three Abrahamic religions, but also to include Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions – maybe even the beliefs of some who call themselves atheists. I chose the […]

Video-games, Children, and Violence

There has been a long debate over whether or not video-games cause violence in children.  Here’s my take. The other day my four-year-old son came up to me and explained to me that “the evil sharks eat all the skin, and then the blood comes out, and then the bones fall down and break into […]