Music and Chess

It occurs to me that composing music and playing chess share something in common: In neither one is there room for “oh, for no reason,” or “just because.” In chess there is always a best move. And not seeing it can cost you the game. When composing, everything you decide to play, record, edit, or […]


I don’t believe in Karma in the sense that what goes around comes around in a knowable way. But I do believe in living life as if it did.

Within You and Without You

Here’s another one. This time a George Harrison lyric. I think of this when I focus on my breathing. I think the reason I think of it is because breathing is an internal bodily function. Yet we only have partial internal control (through the mind.) Breathing happens with and without our attention. What is the […]

The Mind Is a River

For some reason, when I meditate, certain things keep popping up – like every day. The above lyric by Screaming Headless Torsos is an example. It usually pops up after I have spent time working of the disposition of the body and the breath and turn my attention to the mind. Recently a friend relayed […]