The Mind Is a River

For some reason, when I meditate, certain things keep popping up – like every day. The above lyric by Screaming Headless Torsos is an example. It usually pops up after I have spent time working of the disposition of the body and the breath and turn my attention to the mind.

Recently a friend relayed to me a simile she had learned regarding Zen meditation and things that “bubble up”: One can liken the mind to a brook with leaves and other things floating downstream. The goal is simply to observe these things as though you’re are watching from the bank. Of course I often find that I am not observing from the side, but am sucked in by whatever should be floating by. I am on the leaf itself. Practice, practice, practice, I guess.

Anyway I should listen to the whole tune again because I wonder if this is what SHT were referring to. (Probably not.)