Ein Ohd Milvadoh

The following thought occurred to me the other day:

Monotheism is the realization of the Interconnection of all things.

I guess by monotheism I don’t mean just the three Abrahamic religions, but also to include Hinduism, Buddhism and other Eastern religions – maybe even the beliefs of some who call themselves atheists.

I chose the word “realization” carefully. Not just the thinking in your head of the Interconnection of all things, but making it real in all ways at all times. In fact this realization is constantly manifested at all times whether we seem to be aware of it or not. In other words, as it says in the Torah:

Ayn ohd milvadoh

In Hebrew, “There is none other than Him.” (Or, as I prefer, “There is none other than the Alone.”)

That is how unseparate creation is from the Divine Self.