The Funky Drummer (v11)

I ended up re-recording the entire thing because of timing and sync issues. “Practice makes marginally better,” right? Heh. In addition, there is now a bridge, and the full structure is complete. There are two “holes” for solos, one for saxophone (to be played by my co-worker’s son, Armando), and one for either guitar or keyboard. I […]

The Funky Drummer (v06)

A lot of work went into this version from the last one posted. I definitely need better horn sounds. NEED, I say! The good news is that my office-mate’s son plays saxophone, and I invited them over for a recording session, and they accepted. I am looking forward to that very much and have no […]

The Funky Drummer (v01)

Alternatively titled: How I am learning to play guitar. Further alternatively titled: The real secret to success in music. For some time I have claimed to be a “Funkateer” in Bootsy lingo, or a student of The Funk. Well, in my studies, I have recently turned back very intensely to the Godfather of Soul, James […]

Why Do I Do It?

As I approach the milestone of turning 50, I find myself at a more reflective, and at the same time, more expressive stage of my life. Originally I was posing the post’s question regarding my need to express myself through making music. But it’s not just the music. Why am I writing these words right […]